Personal Injury

β€œOne is never more vulnerable than when seriously injured at the hands of another. Added to this stress and trauma we most often see the responsible party refusing to acknowledge their responsibilities. It is at these times that you need an advocate by your side.”

All too frequently these days we see individuals, families and communities impacted by serious injuries caused by the negligence or gross negligence of others. These injuries take not only a physical toll on the victims but an emotional and financial toll as well At The Alexander Firm, we provide thorough investigation into these injuries, their cause and the responsible party.

Joe Alexander has represented individuals who have been severely injured through the negligence of others. From victims of electrocution, medical malpractice and careless motorists to children who have been assaulted at the hands of their day-care providers, Joe has sought and obtained financial compensation for those who could not speak for themselves or who were incapable of navigating through the complex legal system that will often obstruct these efforts.