Truck Accidents

“We have all seen the devastation that the negligent operation of an 18-wheeler can bring. Lives are affected, forever. In many cases, this is the result of poor management of the driver, improper monitoring of his hours behind the wheel or failing to enforce proper policies and procedures.”

Carelessness by truck drivers and the failure to properly assure compliance with the law and company policies on the part of trucking companies are all too often a recipe for disaster. While some accidents are simply the result of a momentary lapse of judgment, in many cases the accident, and its cause, goes much deeper. Failing to properly conduct a pre-trip inspection, failing to properly account for time behind the wheel and failing to assure implementation of policies are often the “hidden” causes of these accidents. At The Alexander Firm, we are committed to conducting the necessary investigation to discover the root of the cause of these wrecks and in holding the responsible parties accountable.