Legal Help Is For Everyone

The Alexander Firm was founded on the principle that the legal system is meant for all. Its intricacies require the knowledge and experience of attorneys who can navigate through its maze, understand the toll it takes on those who are thrust into it and are capable of searching for the path to success. Critical to the process is the ability to understand that “success” in this system can take many forms. A clear and direct path to success is dependent upon a systematic analysis of the issues presented and a collaborative approach to defining and achieving the client’s goals.

Joe Alexander has been a defense attorney and a plaintiff’s attorney with experience on both sides of a lawsuit. As a result, he can uniquely approach the issues that may be presented on either side of a dispute, evaluate them and analyze how the opposition will defend or prosecute the claim.

Joe is no stranger to the courthouse, having tried over 50 cases to a jury, and has been involved in very high profile cases involving medical malpractice (both defending and prosecuting), product liability, business disputes and serious accidents resulting in personal injuries.

Joe is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being joined by his son, Joshua Alexander, and enjoys the opportunity to impart his experience and share his passion for the practice of law with him.

Ready To Partner With You

If you are injured by someone else’s actions or you encounter a legal dispute, we are the attorneys to call. We will put the law on your side. Reach out to us at 713-804-4742 or contact us online.