We Find Effective Alternatives To Litigation

“I have been privileged to have spent almost 20 years devoted to defending individuals and corporations in their legal disputes and an additional 17 years prosecuting matters for parties who have been victimized in one form or another. This provides a very unique perspective.” – Joe Alexander

Litigation is not always the best answer to a legal issue. In many cases, mediation may be a swifter and more cost-efficient option rather than trial. When you encounter a dispute, it is important to evaluate these options.  At The The Alexander Firm PLLC, Joe Alexander uses his diverse legal experience in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution to act as a mediator for those wishing to pursue those alternatives.

Few attorneys share the diverse legal experience Joe has had over the past 37 years. Because of this perspective, Joe has been requested to mediate cases that have seemingly no road to resolution. Because he can relate to both sides of complex legal disputes, he brings an ability to identify areas of compromise, often finding unique resolutions not previously discussed or appreciated. Joe Alexander is available to mediate disputes or arbitrate matters that are not appropriate for mediation.

The Potential Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Every case is different, but avoiding litigation may be favorable in many circumstances, including:

  • When you want to maintain as much peace as possible with the other party
  • When you want to have more control over the outcome of the process
  • When time is a factor and you need a relatively quick decision
  • When the costs of a trial could outweigh the value or significance of your case

There are several ways to accomplish your goals. In mediation, for example, a mediator can guide the discussion between you and the other party, asking questions and facilitating the process. In arbitration, you and the other party can present your cases and accept the decision of the neutral arbitrator.

Through informal negotiations, mediation or formal arbitration, The Alexander Firm PLLC can represent your interests and make sure that the results are fair. If we are unable to achieve a positive result through these options, we can also represent you in litigation.

Resourceful Advocacy That Suits Your Needs

In addition to defending individuals and corporations in disputes, we also prosecute claims for our clients. Because we have both perspectives, paired with over 33 years of combined experience, we are confident in our ability to effectively resolve disputes.

Even when a conflict might initially seem to have no road to resolution, we use creativity and strategy to find answers. Our Houston lawyers work to identify areas of compromise, often detecting unique solutions that were not previously considered.

We Will Use The Method That Enables Results

Ultimately, your objectives are central to your case. If litigation is likely not the best route to success, we will advise you about your alternatives. Call 713-804-4742 or email our lawyers for a consultation today.