Distracted driving a continual and deadly problem

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Personal Injury

The artificial intelligence firm Netradyne recently conducted a study on distracted driving, its most common causes and the way that people perceive it. Texas motorists are probably aware that distracted driving is one of the leading factors in car crashes today and shows no signs of abating.

The most common and most severe causes

It turns out that while drinking liquids behind the wheel is the most common form of distraction, using social media is the one with the most severe consequences. Twenty percent of respondents admitted to being fined or having points put on their license because of distracted driving, and one in seven were in a distracted driving crash that led to physical injuries or to the loss of their vehicle.

Lack of education is not the problem

Drivers seem well aware of the dangers of distracted driving. In the study, 82% of respondents agreed that distractions are on the rise, and half expressed their concern that driving is becoming less safe. Yet despite how frequently they drive distracted, only less than half thought they could be safer drivers. Ninety-one percent said they were safe enough.

Respondents were quick to see others as being unsafe. Over half claimed that commercial truckers are unsafe. Both passenger vehicle drivers and truckers could reduce the risk for crashes, of course, with safety tech and the right habits.

When negligence is involved in a crash

When car crashes occur because of a distracted driver, victims can have good grounds for a personal injury claim. If this is the case for you, you may wish for a lawyer to give you advice and guidance. The lawyer may hire third-party crash investigators to gather evidence of the other party’s negligence, which could include the police report and phone records. The lawyer may then strive for a fair settlement.