Distracted driving dangers and how to avoid them

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Personal Injury

Distracted driving is a factor in many road accidents, and as mobile phone usage has become commonplace and vehicles increasingly come with infotainment centers, there are more chances for distraction than ever before. While it is not possible to eliminate every distraction, such as talking to your children who are in the car with you, there are things you can do reduce the likelihood that your distracted driving will lead to an accident.

Be ready to drive

Many distractions are caused by drivers who get behind the wheel when they are not really ready to drive. This includes people who are putting on makeup, brushing their teeth or combing their hair while driving. Even if you would never dream of trying to take care of personal grooming tasks while you are on the road, you may fiddle with mirrors, the radio or the GPS. However, this is also distracting, and you should try to make all the adjustments before you start driving. Finally, if rushing out the door with your coffee and breakfast each morning is your usual routine, you may want to try getting up a little earlier so that you are not eating and drinking in the car.

Other driving distractions

Texting, talking on the phone and even hands-free cellphone use are all dangerous distractions. You should also keep your car clean. Discarded cups or other items could roll under your pedals. In addition, if you are drowsy, you should not drive. Remaining alert is key.

Many drivers think that they can drive safely and avoid motor vehicle accidents. However, a car can travel a substantial distance in the time it takes for you to glance away from the road and back, and if an obstacle appears in that time, you might not be able to react quickly enough to avoid it.

If you were in an accident and you believe the other driver was at fault, you might want to consult a personal injury attorney. The attorney may review your case and help you in the process of filing a claim.