The ins and outs of evidence after a semi-truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Personal Injury

Although semi-truck drivers have extensive training in road safety and try their best to avoid accidents, commercial trucking accidents still happen across Texas. If you ever get involved in a semi-truck accident, make sure to collect as much evidence as possible.

Photographic evidence

If you have a smartphone, taking pictures of the semi-truck accident scene is always recommended. In this regard, there’s no such thing as too many pictures.

Witness testimony

After your accident, look around for bystanders. Ask them to stand by for a moment so that you can jot down their contact information. Witness testimony can be a helpful form of evidence.

Some evidence won’t be immediately available

You can document every form of evidence mentioned above. Obtaining some types of essential documentation, however, requires extra effort and know-how. Since evidence is such an important piece of a successful accident claim, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer for assistance.

State and federal regulations place long-haul transportation companies under intense scrutiny. Companies keep extensive documentation regarding drivers’ logbooks, truck inspections, mechanical service records and drivers’ medical records. Another essential form of evidence is a post-accident drug screen result.

Although you can ask trucking companies for this information, they might not treat you as seriously as they would treat an attorney. Your attorney may promptly send the transportation company a letter of spoliation, which asks the recipient to preserve all relevant evidence.

Keeping up with your medical appointments after an accident is difficult enough. Obtaining evidence that’s not yours to begin with is much harder. An attorney may help you obtain this evidence and file a personal injury lawsuit against the semi-truck driver who caused your injuries or their employer.