Is technology undermining vehicle safety?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Personal Injury

Recent advancements in vehicle technology have stunned many Texas drivers. The presence of cameras, lane-change alerts, cross-traffic warnings and more have all changed the way many commuters approach driving. Some drawbacks come with all the technological progress, however. With more technology integrated into vehicles, drivers might not pay as much attention to safety as they once did.

Technology and devolving driving skills

Technology’s purpose often focuses on providing safety assistance to drivers. “Assistance” means support and does not suggest that technology overtakes the driver’s responsibilities. A blind-spot monitor should not remove the responsibility of looking over one’s shoulder to make sure a lane change is safe, for example, yet some drivers may not use their mirror or even glance at the road when a tech feature sends no warnings. Such a gross dereliction of safety could lead to an accident.

Ultimately, if a driver does not follow established safety practices, he or she could be liable for any resulting motor vehicle accidents. Relying exclusively on technology is not safe driving behavior.

Distracted driving and technology

The American Automobile Association and the University of Utah conducted a 2017 study that examined the relationship between infotainment systems and distracted driving. The results revealed that navigation systems, texting programs and even radio dials all require increased “cognitive demands.” That is, the infotainment system draws a driver’s attention away from the road.

Drivers who cause accidents likely won’t find blaming the vehicle’s technology to be a reliable strategy. Drivers have a responsibility to ensure safety first and foremost. Ignoring the rules of the road could leave a driver facing a significant judgment when others suffer injuries.

Victims of distracted or other negligent driving incidents may want to discuss their case with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may help with filing an insurance claim or lawsuit to help victims recoup their losses.