Summer poses increased risk for teen drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Some parts of Texas host many visitors during the summer months. Interstate highways are bustling with extra traffic and congestion mounts as tourists make their rounds through major attraction areas. Additional traffic causes slower commutes and raises the potential for accidents.

Holiday traffic

Heightened traffic around the holidays can be tricky, especially for new drivers. The number of serious traffic accidents increases significantly between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To ensure safe summer road trips, a few simple rules of engagement are necessary for teens:

  1. Do not drive while distracted
  2. Check rearview and side mirrors often
  3. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles
  4. Do not exceed posted speed limits

These basic guidelines are obviously helpful for any driver. They are especially important for teen drivers and adults who have recently obtained their license. The most empowering thing a smart driver can do is become educated about traffic signs and general driving safety.

Educated drivers

Technology makes it super easy to check local traffic and weather conditions. In addition to mobile apps and GPS devices, local motor vehicle department offices may also offer assistance for new drivers. Most major centers offer safety information to educate new drivers.

Although each state requires a minimum number of practical driving hours, virtually every state has a drug and alcohol education requirement. Teen drivers are more likely to put themselves at risk by driving under the influence because they misjudge their state of health.

An ounce of prevention

Summer will always be a popular time for fun and exciting road trips. The number of additional vehicles on the road automatically raises the potential for accidents. Severe injuries and major automobile damage create ongoing problems for a teen driver and their family.

Young drivers who follow road safety rules and wear their seat belts are less likely to become involved in an accident. Establishing these good habits and defensive driving skills will help teens stay safe behind the wheel. These behaviors are also beneficial for future auto insurance rates.