Put A History Of Results On Your Side

“The ability to understand business disputes and to translate them into terms that a jury can understand and relate to is the key to success in the courtroom.”

Attorney Joe Alexander has handled a number of diverse cases for business owners with complicated disputes, just a couple of which include:

  • Successfully defending a physician who was being sued for allegedly failing to pay commissions to the broker in charge of selling his medical practice
  • Successfully prosecuting a case on behalf of an oil and gas producer for wrongfully draining its minerals

His ability to synthesize complex issues to simple themes for the jury has allowed him to achieve the results sought by his commercial clients. It is easy for an attorney to say they work hard for their clients but it’s another thing entirely to prove it. At The The Alexander Firm PLLC, we have achieved verdicts in the millions for our clients. We have also helped clients who have been sued obtain successful resolution of their cases.  We put the power in your hands. We make the law work for you.

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