When A Patient Sues, We Will Defend Your Professional Decisions

When physicians are thrust into the system after being sued for medical malpractice, they are often left to navigate through the system with only the help of the insurance company, whose interests are not always aligned with theirs.

Physicians who have been sued for medical negligence often require the assistance of independent attorneys. The Alexander Firm PLLC can help you dissect the case and assist you throughout the legal process. If you are a medical provider facing a lawsuit or administrative hearing, contact our team today.

Complex Medical Cases Require Sophisticated Counsel

We can give you advice about your rights and how to protect yourself during various phases of litigation. Not only can we guide you through the lawsuit, but we can also address all angles of your case, including liability insurance matters and preservation of your professional license.

Our team can develop a comprehensive defense strategy in several ways such as:

  • Examining medical records and other evidence
  • Gathering testimonies from medical experts and witnesses
  • Representing you and protecting your rights in civil trial
  • Negotiating settlement offers or finding alternative options when applicable
  • Appealing the verdict if necessary

We have helped numerous Texas physicians for over 33 years while working with their insurance-appointed counsel to achieve successful results in their case. With our dual understanding of the process from both plaintiff and defendant perspectives, The Alexander Firm PLLC continues to be available to help health care providers through this journey.

Protect Your Reputation As A Medical Professional

As a physician, surgeon, nurse or other medical provider, your reputation can strongly impact your career. Let us help you resolve medical malpractice litigation as favorably as possible. Call 713-804-4742 or email our firm in Houston for a consultation.