The Alexander Firm’s Commitment To Medical Malpractice Victims

Attorney Joe Alexander says, “For almost 20 years, I was privileged to represent some of the finest members of the Houston medical profession. Both individual physicians and major hospital chains depended upon me to help them to examine the complex medical and legal issues involved in these cases, formulate their defense plan, and try their case to a jury.” As a result of this experience, he can appreciate both sides of the arguments that surround a medical malpractice lawsuit and knows how to present those complex issues to a jury.

“I have found that technology is the key,” Joe explains, “Through its thoughtful use in the courtroom, juries find it much easier to understand the technical issues in medical care that physicians take eight years to learn.” Computers, 3 dimensional models and animation are a few examples of the weapons in the arsenal used by Joe. Since leaving his practice exclusively defending doctors and hospitals, Joe has used his experience to review potential claims and prosecute those claims that have resulted in serious injuries to his clients. Because the law was turned on its head in 2003 to severely restrict an injured patient’s access to the courthouse, many lawyers have simply refused to review or file any case against a healthcare provider. Joe has been able to use his ability to understand the medical standards required of physicians and hospitals and the new requirements under the law, to successfully prosecute many suits since the change in the law. In addition to the financial compensation he has obtained for his clients, Joe has been successful in requiring policy changes and additional education as part of a number of these cases.

An example of Joe’s commitment is represented in which he represented a young mother who underwent an endovascular coiling of a brain aneurysm which was, he was able to prove, not medically indicated. During the procedure she suffered a stroke, leaving her with the inability to speak or swallow her own saliva. The trial proceeded against the neuroradiologists who elected to perform the procedure. The jury returned a verdict on behalf of Joe’s client.

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