Car Accident Attorneys

“To many attorneys, cases involving car accidents are just put on the back burner – something to work on when nothing else is going on. At The Alexander Firm PLLC, we understand that your injuries deserve attention and are prosecuted with high priority.”

As the victim of a car wreck, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney to deal with both the party causing your injuries and the insurance company representing them. Wading into this scene without the assistance of experienced counsel will often result in either being denied your requested relief entirely or being severely under-compensated for your documented injuries. The The Alexander Firm PLLC can provide the type of experience you need when you are victimized.

Car crashes can cause devastating injuries, including brain trauma, spinal cord damage and other lifelong disabilities. We frequently represent survivors of severe bodily injuries. No case is too complicated for our team of experienced attorneys.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Hiring an attorney can be vital. You may not realize the extent you have been affected by your injuries, especially long term. Without our assistance, you could be stuck trying to make up for lost wages or the lingering effects of a disability, instead of the responsible party. Our attorneys know how to properly investigate your auto accident and the full extent of the harm you have suffered. With this information, we will pursue the highest possible settlement or trial verdict.

In addition, we handle car accident cases on contingency, so you do not owe us anything in legal fees until we deliver you a settlement or jury award. There is no financial risk to you.

Comparative Negligence In Texas

Texas is a comparative fault state. As the plaintiff, you are entitled to damages even if you are partly at fault for the crash, as long as your percentage of the fault does not exceed the defendant’s. Your damages will be reduced by the amount of fault the jury finds you are responsible for.

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