Holding Child Care Facilities Accountable

The safety of your children is everything to you. When you place your kids in the hands of a day care, you expect them to provide the same level of attention and concern for their well-being as you do. But if your child has been injured at their day care, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your child’s injury.

We are The The Alexander Firm PLLC. Our attorneys, Joe Alexander and Joshua Alexander, are passionate about making the law work for everyone, including you and your children. If your child was injured while at a child care facility, talk to us as soon as possible to learn your rights and options for financial recovery.

What About The Liability Waiver?

Most day care providers require that you sign a waiver stating the business is not liable if your child gets seriously hurt at its facility. However, it still may be possible to file a claim. Because of the waiver, it is critical that you talk to us to find out if you have a viable personal injury claim. We will examine your case and the specific waiver and provide you with honest, practical advice on how to proceed.

The most important thing you can do for an injured child is to take them to the doctor. Follow your pediatrician’s advice and keep all available records of your child’s diagnosis and treatment. This helps prove the extent of your child’s harm and could help draw a link between those injuries and the day care’s negligence.

Discuss Your Case At Our Houston Office

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