In Personal Injury Cases, Negligence Matters

“Best intentions can sometimes result in bad decisions. Unfortunately, these bad decisions often result in serious injuries or property damage. Understanding the circumstances and the standards of conduct required under those circumstances is crucial to a successful resolution of such matters. This is what we do.”

There are many examples of how the negligent behavior of an individual or corporation can result in devastation to those affected. Joe tried a case in which the jury found that a tire repair center improperly repaired a punctured tire when it should have, instead, replaced the tire which was under warranty. As a result of this carelessness, the tire eventually lost its tread, the driver of the vehicle lost control and his client was partially ejected from the vehicle, causing his death at the scene. This was tried to a jury and the repair facility was held responsible.

Joe Alexander represented the family of a woman who was burned to death after being rear-ended at a stop light. Through his investigation, Joe learned that an insurance company facilitated the rental of a car to the driver of the vehicle, who was unlicensed at the time and had been convicted of driving while intoxicated on two occasions just prior to the accident. The case proceeded to trial and a judgment against the driver and his insurance company was obtained. This is but one example of how the negligence of multiple parties culminates in an injury that devastates all who are connected to it. Understanding and discovering these relationships is what we do.